30 Pounds in 30 Days

Meet Your New Side-Hustle

Earn BIG Money Helping Others Lose Weight

Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days

Earn A Second Income With A Proven Plan You Know & Love

You've seen first-hand how much everyone LOVES the 30 in 30 program. You've seen the glowing feedback in the group. AND you've experienced the life-changing results.

So now, you're ready to take the next logical step: Becoming a 30 in 30 Certified Coach to help others lose weight (and make money doing it).

This simple 4-week program includes everything you need to grab a slice of the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry in a legitimate non-scammy way.

30 in 30 Coach Certification Mind Map

Here's How The Certification Works

Getting certified as a 30 in 30 coach is as easy as it gets. There are no books to read, no materials to buy, no complicated tests to take, and no hidden fees whatsoever. It is a 4-week program that includes EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

Week #1: The Science

During the first week, you'll gain a deep understanding of the science that makes the 30 in30 program work like no other. You'll learn why certain ingredients work (while others don't) and how each piece works together to produce blazing fast fat-burning results.

Week #2: The Mindset

In the second week of the certification program, you'll discover why mindset plays a critical role in weight loss. How to instill a winning mindset (in yourself and others). The easy way to use accountability charts to produce results. AND how to help others lose weight, no matter how many times they've tried and failed in the past.

Week #3: Lifetime Success

We'll take a deep dive into the models of weight loss success. The beliefs required for weight loss success (and the limiting beliefs that keep people from getting results). How to adapt and modify the original 30 in 30 menu. Which substitutions work and which ones don't. And how to help people solve issues with simple supplementation.

Week #4: Getting Paid

During the final week, you'll learn sure-fire way to get clients FAST. Even better, I'll show you a deviously simple method so that clients find YOU. How to start a chain-reaction of referrals. PLUS the one "magic sentence" that can triple your income instantly!

Easy. Fun. Profitable.

By becoming a 30 in 30 Certified Coach you'll be getting the keys to a proven and super flexible business model. 

You can decide to take things easy and only work with a couple of clients (while having the freedom to do anything else you want in life).

Or you can go in full-force, help hundreds (or thousands) of people, and become a house-hold name by changing lives all around the world.

It's totally up to you!

30 in 30

Your Access Pass Includes

LIVE Training Program

Dr. Harlan Kilstein will be LIVE on camera once a week, teaching you the concepts, sharing invaluable tips and advice, and answering your questions to make sure you are fully prepared to coach others. PLUS, every session will be recorded - so even if you can't make it live, you can watch (and rewatch) at your own leisure.

Private Coaches-Only Facebook Group

Imagine all the energy and positivity of the original group, but multiplied ten-fold. That's what you can expect from the highly-motivated private group of 30 in 30 coaches-to-be.

LIVE Expert Hotline

If you ever get stuck or have any questions regarding the program or the certification, all you have to do is send us an email or pick up the phone and call us. Our team of experts is standing by to help you and provide guideance whenever you need it.


Lifetime Access to 30 in 30

As a 30 in 30 Certified Coach, you'll have LIFETIME access to the original 30 in 30 group. No need to take the program again or pay for any updates. You'll get to hang out. See how we handle things. And continue to get all the help, ideas, and inspiration you want. This is massive value that you'll get 100% FREE as part of your certification.

Become a 30 in 30 Certified Coach!

The Certification Program Starts In:


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